The Real Housewives of Miami Recap: Let the Bullying Begin!

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The Real Housewives of Miami throw the dinner party from Hell and is it  "A Better or Bitter Place." We recap all of the tears, begging, and bullying in our THG +/- review.

It's been a week since Joanna and Adriana's showdown and Romain's still not talking. The silence has Joanna begging for a sit down.

Joanna Plays Volleyball

Plus 10 when Romain finally shows up but he's had enough of Joanna's temper tantrums. She needs to control herself and he asks her to stop drinking when they're out in public.

Joanna actually admits she has a problem. Plus 15. They say acknowledging the issue is the first step. Let's see if she gets to step two.

Across town, Ana's packing up and moving on but not without a lot of tears. She and Rob have shared an office for 20 years. It's the end of an era but at least she's finally getting on with her life. Plus 12.

But what the Hell was in that bottle they were doing shots from? Minus 8. After 20 years, they should have toasted with something not resembling raccoon pee.

Lisa's having a tough time too but it seems as though no one in the inner circle is noticing so she heads for a sit down with Karent.  After three miscarriages, Lisa's losing hope.

Plus 9 to Karent for trying to brighten her mood. The poor girl needs a friend to talk to.

And that friend certainly isn't Daysy. I know Lisa adores her but does anyone else think the friendly maid is in this for the free tummy tuck?  Minus 11.

There are even more tears over at Lea's when her dog Leroy passes away.  Minus 15. I feel for her.  At 13 years old, Leroy was a part of her family.

On a side note perhaps Freda needs  some hearing aids…or some set work hours.  I know she's been with the family for 18 years but it looks like she gets paid a lot for doing very little.  Minus 10.

Then we're off to Alexia's dinner party and I don't think she could have come up with a worse idea if she tried.

Apparently the whole point was to get Karent in a room to beat up on her some more because no one would let the poor woman speak, not even Alexia. Some host.  Minus 20

And Adriana's proving herself to be more of a bullying nutcase every week.  She can't figure out who to snipe at first, Karent or Joanna.

The Joanna / Adriana truce was forced an ridiculous. I don't think anyone bought it and immediately afterwards Adriana leaves and Joanna begins furiously texting.  I'd love to see what she sent.

The dinner party from Hell was little more than a bunch of screeching women making fun of Karent's smile. Minus 18.
The only question I have is who will get slapped next.


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