Gunplay Pumped For House Arrest, Banging Live Chicks and Not Hand

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Rapper Gunplay is excited to be out of jail, and for good reason.

Under house arrest, he can invite live women over to put out.

Gunplay was arrested for armed robbery this fall following an April 13 incident (above). He was also involved in a fight with 50 Cent at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

He was released from jail on $150,000 bond and placed on house arrest last week, however, something he's looking at as a real turning point in his life.

"Being on house arrest really is a blessing for me," Gunplay said. "This has helped me slow down and not want to do negative things anymore."

"This is a life-changing eye-opener ... I need to just slow down and do right."

Facing charges of aggravated assault and robbery with a firearm, the rapper has been passing the time by working on his album, ankle monitor style.

And playing video games and nailing chicks, natch.

"One main difference from house arrest instead of jail is that I can still get sex," he says. "It's a wonderful thing. Although in jail I was still f**king Corporal Mary Palmer and her five sisters."

He lost us on that one. We thought he couldn't get sex up in that piece.