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Reggie Bush offended many women in New York State – Miss Buffalo Lonna McCary included – with a comment he made yesterday.

The background: Bush’s Miami Dolphins play the Buffalo Bills tonight on the Bills’ home turf, with temps in the mid-to-upper 30s.

That’s actually warm for Buffalo in November, prompting The Paul and Young Ron radio show hosts to ponder if any fans will go topless.

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet
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“You don’t want to see that,” said one host. “No. God, no.”

Bush, who’s expecting his first child with Lilit Avagyan, agreed.

“No, not Buffalo women,” he said.


Upon hearing this, Lonna McCary, the current Miss Buffalo, fired back:

“These people who write disparaging remarks about Buffalo obviously haven’t spent enough time here to pass judgment,” she told Yahoo Sports.

“Buffalo was once one of the most prosperous cities on the East Coast. Like them or not, the Buffalo Bills attended four straight Super Bowls in a row.”

“I believe the negative attitude players who come to Buffalo have is half the reason we have suffered this long playoff drought.”

“Yeah, it’s cold here, but get over it,” added the pride of Western New York. “You’re living millions of kids’ dreams, so get out there and play.”

Former Heisman winner and Kim Kardashian boy toy Bush made light of the backlash on Twitter, claiming his words were twisted.

“Lol it was a joke! GET IT! No? Nobody? Ok Crickets………..”

“I love how people try to twist up my words lol! Whatever helps you sleep better at night. Now all of a sudden I’m bashing women in Buffalo? Lol! Ok if you say so…”

One woman tweeted “thanks to your comments, we’re all going topless to the game tomorrow.” The NFL star retweeted that, adding, “Mission accomplished!”

What if that really was his plan all along? Diabolically well played, Reg.