Lindsay Lohan-Jay Leno Interview Pisses Off Barbara Walters

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Barbara Walters is not happy about Lindsay Lohan bailing on 20/20 - and even less pleased that the star immediately booked an interview with Jay Leno.

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Her new publicist, Tej Bhatia Herring, took over when Steve Honig quit last month, and was reportedly concerned that Walters would paint Lohan in an unfavorable light.

She therefore found else someone to interview her client, a man who lobs more softballs than that fat dude in your slow-pitch league: Jay Leno.

Come to think of it, Leno might actually be the fat dude in your slow-pitch league.

Walters feels she was stood up by Lindsay and is pissed, given how fair she believes she's been to her over the years - and would've been again in this case.

Alas, fair also means holding the interview subject at least semi-accountable.

On Friday, NBC announced that Lohan would appear on The Tonight Show on November 20 to promote her Liz Taylor biopic, which airs on November 25.

You can expect Leno to stick to the Liz & Dick talking points and avoid any hard-hitting inquiries about partying, legal problems or family issues.

Lohan's new publicist seems to have a plan to reconstruct her client's image, one that basically entails preventing her from having to explain herself. Ever.

PR at its finest.

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