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Lindsay Lohan’s maligned publicist Steve Honig has called it quits amid one public relations disaster after another from the downwardly spiraling starlet.

“He’s resigned as Lindsay’s publicist Wednesday night,” a source tells E! News.

Honig, however, declined to elaborate on why he’s decided throw in the towel.

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“I’m not discussing this out of respect for my client,” he said of his ex-client.

Employed by LiLo for a year and a half, Honig has earned every penny.

Under his watch, Lindsay Lohan …

  • … headed down the path to financial ruin
  • … passed out in a hotel room at least once
  • … had 911 called on her numerous times
  • … landed in the hospital after a frightening car crash
  • … was arrested as part of a small-time jewelry heist
  • … was banned from a hotel for unpaid bills
  • … got arrested for an alleged hit-and-run
  • … got into an epic fight with Dina Lohan
  • … staved off a Michael Lohan intervention

Good luck, Steve Honig replacement. You’ll need it.