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Despite a new wave of Jenner divorce rumors this week, Kris and Bruce say they are laughing it off and remain happily married with no plans to split.

A notable report yesterday suggested that a Kris and Bruce Jenner divorce was being “seriously considered” and that he had already broached it with lawyers.

The couple of 21 years says that couldn’t be farther from the truth, though.

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“They’re not getting divorced,” a close family source says. “It is all rubbish.”

“This same basic story has been on covers of magazines for the last year.”

“None of the stories are true … none.”

At issue – at least according to the celebrity news tabloids – is Kris’ obsession with the Kardashian brand and Bruce’s desire for a more private life.

Kris, 57, and Bruce, 63, have been married since 1991. The insider says the two have purposefully chosen not to comment on the report.

Privately, though, “they’re laughing it off,” the source claims.