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Following last night’s Hector Camacho shooting, a representative for the hospital in which the boxer is now a patient has issued a very sad statement.

“The prognosis is not good,” according to this source, who explains that the legendary athlete went into cardiac arrest soon after being shot in the face and neck.

Camacho had been the passenger in a Ford Mustang when another vehicle pulled up alongside it and opened fire. The driver sitting next to Camacho was killed in the attack. No arrests have been made.

“The situation with ‘Macho’ is very delicate,” added this rep for the hospital outside San Juan. “[Camacho] went into cardiac arrest. The doctors were able to get his heart started again with the medicine and we are maintaining his blood pressure and pulse medically right now to see whether during this morning, afternoon or evening we see a positive change.”

Our thoughts go out to this boxer and his family.