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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, if “Excess Breeds Success,” what creates laziness and bad manners?

We break down all the high maintenance and low class moments in THG’s weekly +/- review!

NeNe’s riding high and loving life. Off in L.A. she’s a star representing her new show The New Normal in a gay pride parade and all of the love is a little overwhelming.  Plus 18.

She’s even happy when Gregg shows up to congratulate her and says he’s the guy she wants to celebrate the big moments with.  

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Well, I’ll be damned. I didn’t see that coming.  Maybe there’s more hope for these two than I thought.  Plus 10.


Back in Atlanta, Phaedra gets together with Cynthia and NeNe to work on her donkey bootie but there’s more gossip going on than exercise.

New girl Kenya becomes a hot topic. Phaedra just had lunch with Cynthia’s new arch nemesis and I loved it when she admitted that, “Kenya having a security guard is the most hilarious thing I’ve heard all day” Plus 13. Maybe the woman wouldn’t need security if she wasn’t so unpleasant.

But NeNe and Cynthia are feeling the love. Cynthia’s throwing NeNe a Woman’s Empowerment party and they agree to invite Kenya and Kim.  What could go wrong?

But before we get there we get to visit with Kenya and her aunt who arrives with flowers that Kenya dubs a Walmart special.  Minus 11.  Why is this girl is so rude?

Turns out Kenya moved to Atlanta to move her casual relationship with Walter up a notch.  She wants kids and she tells him her eggs aren’t getting any younger over lunch.

The guy took it better than I expected. Plus 8.  But it gets better.  When she presses for the details about his past dalliances he admits he once asked out Kandi and she shot him down.  

Oh no.  Miss Kenya can’t have that.  Dating Kandi’s leftovers is so unacceptable that she asks for a doggy bag and plans to flee the scene.

Minus 22.  One moment she wants to marry this guy and have his babies and the next she’s headed for the door because he once asked out an acquaintance?

Run Walter. Run now.

Of course Kenya doesn’t have a monopoly on high maintenance. Kim has to move but her townhouse just won’t do.  She needs every bit of her 17,000 square feet and whatever will poor little one year old KJ do without his own basketball court.  Minus 13.

On the up side, little KJ is looking more and more like a miniature little Kroy and it’s too damn cute so plus 10.

The Woman’s Empowerment Party is a little weird but plus 8 for the beautiful dresses. Everyone brought their A game and Kandi even showed a little Angeline Jolie leg.

But NeNe’s attitude improvement has her wondering if this is invasion of the body snatchers and I can’t blame her.  We’ve never seen Ms. NeNe looking so damn happy.

Cynthia’s speech wasn’t anything prophetic but it’s her party so have at it.  But who the Hell does Kenya think she is grabbing the mic and calling it a “clown show?”  Minus 19. That woman takes rudeness to a whole new level every time she opens her mouth.

I almost couldn’t blame Kim for heading for the door…if she had seen any of it.  Kim and Sweetie had one foot out the door before they even made it in.  Why bother showing up at all?  

Of course from what I’m hearing Kim isn’t long for this Housewives world. Will you miss her if she’s gone?