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Donald Trump has inserted himself into the Gabriel Aubry-Olivier Martinez feud because… well, that’s just what Donald Trump does at this point in his life.

With the police blaming Aubry for the brawl, and with Aubry clearly receiving the MUCH worse end of the confrontation, Trump Tweeted yesterday:

“Gabriel Aubry should learn how to fight—he became a punching bag,” adding of Halle Berry: “Always drama with Halle B!”

Truly profound stuff here from The Donald. At least he didn’t ask for Berry’s birth certificate.

Donald Trump in NJ
Photo via Getty

Over the past couple months, of course, Trump has…

… attempted to bribe President Obama.

… blamed the Kate Middleton topless photo scandal on that British beauty.

… told Robert Pattinson he can do better than Kristen Stewart.

Can someone find this guy a hobby please?