Daughters to Demi Moore: MOVE ON!

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With the Demi Moore divorce to Ashton Kutcher allegedly being dragged out because the actress is angry over her ex moving on so quickly, Moore's children supposedly have a message for their mother:


Demi Moore on the Couch

According to anonymous Radar Online sources, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis are sick of their parent's inability to take the high road, even if Kutcher boinking someone as gorgeous as Mila Kunis.

"Demi just can't let go of Ashton, despite him obviously moving on from her, and her daughters don't think it's healthy or helpful for her," a source claims. "They are begging her to get over Ashton and move on with her life!"

Moore's relationship with her children has been on shaky ground for awhile now.

The trio hasn't been happy with how its mother handled the fallout of Kutcher's infidelity from the outset of this split, and it doesn't help that they can along so well with the actor.

“All three girls want her to divorce Ashton and stop talking about him, they think that she needs to focus on the future and quit worrying about what he is doing,” the insider says.


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