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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update to chat with Seth Meyers about Hurricane Sandy relief and more.

Chris Christie on Saturday Night Live

While he ruffled GOP feathers by praising President Obama’s response to the storm, the outspoken governor’s crisis management earned him well-deserved bipartisan praise.

Not that it didn’t come at a cost; Christie told Meyers he’s worn that same wet fleece for three weeks. At least New Jersey residents are patient, he noted … yeah, right.


The famously blunt, combative 50-year-old got in some quality zingers at Seth’s expense, but saved his best barbs for "idiots" who ignored his evacuation orders.

Christie gave the 2012 Republican National Convention Keynote Speech this summer and will undoubtedly be talked about as a major presidential contender in 2016.

Should be go that route, appearances like this will only help his cause.