Ariel Winter Babysitter Comes to Defense of Estranged Mother

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We have an update in the ongoing Ariel Winter saga.

With the 14-year old Modern Family actress currently living with her sister - as authorities investigate her mother, Chrystal Workman, regarding charges of abuse - two people close to Winter have spoken out in defense of Workman.

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In a new court declaration, an ex-babysitter of Ariel's writes:

"As a former licensed in-home daycare provider trained to recognize abuse, I saw no signs nor did I witness abuse of any kind (sexual, physical, or emotional) against Ariel."

Meanwhile, Chrystal's cousin refers to Workman as "a morally sound, extremely loving and protective parent."

Workman has said this incident stems from her insistence that her daughter NOT date an 18-year old, though other relatives reject Workman's claim that she once walked in on Ariel and her then-boyfriend in bed.

They say Winter is so innocent that her first kiss came on the set of her hit ABC sitcom.

It's a giant mess, especially in light of court transcripts being made public yesterday that detail physical abuse against Workman.

Both parties are due in court for another hearing on November 20.