Apple Throws Tantrum After Latest Samsung Ruling

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The legal war between Samsung and Apple took another interesting turn last week when the latter was ordered to cough up some key trade secrets.

Naturally, Team Apple responded to the ruling like civil, reasonable adults ... not.


Thursday, a judge ordered Apple to hand over info about their patent deal with HTC to Samsung, which demanded to see the agreement between the two companies.

Samsung believes this could potentially help their defense in Apple's ongoing crusade to get most of Samsung's biggest products removed from stores ASAP.

In response to the ruling, Apple "threw a tantrum," according to The Atlantic, and added a bunch of new Samsung products it now wants taken off the shelves.

The new list includes the following:

  • Samsung's Galaxy S III running the latest Android software (which recently passed the iPhone in global dominance)
  • Samsung's Galaxy Note 2
  • Samsung's Galaxy Tab 8.9 Wifi
  • Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
  • Samsung's Rugby Pro
  • Samsung's Galaxy S III Mini

Some speculate that Apple's request that infringing Samsung products be removed from the market falls may be jeopardized by the patent's release.

In any case, it's doubling down on that request with this totally-not-spiteful list.

This is just the latest chapter in the increasingly ugly legal battle between the two tech giants ... one guaranteed to get uglier still before it's resolved.

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