Wide-Eyed Chipotle Worker Poses With Mitt Romney, Becomes Internet Star

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The manager of Denver Chipotle restaurant has become an Internet celebrity thanks to a photo of himself with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

One look at it and you'll know why:

Marty Arps, 20, posed for a group photo with Romney and other Chipotle employees Tuesday, during a break in his preparations for the presidential debate.

Mitt Romney with Donald Trump

Arps' wide-eyed expression while pointing at Romney is priceless, and brings to mind a similar photo of a Colorado bar-goer who met President Obama this year:

In Arps' case, he said, "It's just a facial expression I do when I'm excited. It's like, 'Ah, it's them, right there in front of you!' They're not from another world!'"

He said he made the same face when meeting Nicki Minaj. Hard to say if that's even more exciting than the possible future President of the United States.

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