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Family and friends of Lindsay and Dina Lohan are urging both women to go to rehab following their epic fight yesterday morning, according to reports.

The two had been clubbing in NYC until 4 a.m., then began arguing over money en route home to Dina’s place on Long Island. There, it got physical.

Police responded to a 911 call and filed a report, though no one was arrested. Lindsay also called her dad and pleaded for help, fearing her coked up devil of a mom.


The scary, sad incident has those close to them worried for their well being.

“Dina and Lindsay both need to go to rehab to deal with their addictions, and they need to get treatment separately,” a source tells Radar.

Lindsay Lohan Call to Michael Lohan About Coked-Up Dina Lohan

“Dina has been acting like Lindsay’s friend and not her mother for a very, very long time. Who goes clubbing with their mother until 4:30 in the morning?”

A fair question. If Dina was indeed on coke, that raises an even bigger one.

“Lindsay, as someone who has been in rehab in the past, shouldn’t be around anyone doing drugs, let alone be going to nightclubs and partying,” says a friend.

Anyone see Dina Lohan drunk on Dr. Phil? This is clearly a pattern.

The 49-year-old was fidgety and giggling throughout the entire interview, leading to rampant speculation she was under the influence of … something.

Dina later suggested she was just nervous, which no one buys.

Dina Lohan on Dr. Phil

Family members and friends fear the worst if this continues.

“Dina and Lindsay’s relationship is complicated. It’s not a traditional mother / daughter dynamic, and both need to take a break from each other,” the source says.

Michael Lohan has also urged his ex-wife to check into rehab, saying:

“Sober up and learn to stop using our kids as pawns like you just did to Lindsay again after calling out for me after her arrest! Fix YOUR soul!”

Not that Michael Lohan is one to talk, but he’s not really wrong is he?