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This much we know: someone stole a computer and a camera from Justin Bieber this week, both of which contained “personal footage,” as described by the singer himself.

This much someone tried to claim today: included in that footage is a picture of Justin Bieber naked.

Indeed, a photo – since taken down  – was circulated around the Internet this morning that purported of Bieber, bare torso and lower body parts and all. There was even a bird tattoo along the subject’s hip, similar to the one that graces Justin’s skin.


But Beliebers were quick to point out on Tumblr that the individual’s belly button isn’t the same as the artist’s and his nipples don’t match up.


Moreover, insiders swear to TMZ that the image in question was NOT of Bieber.

Case closed, right? Mostly. Bieber did seem awfully upset over the loss of this footage.

Of what do you think his computer is comprised?