Oliver Stone Labels Hurricane Sandy "Punishment" for Climate Change Ignorance

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Oliver Stone has set his sights on both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

The award-winning director spoke to HuffPost Live yesterday and expressed extreme dismay that neither candidate has really addressed the topic of climate change in his campaign for the Presidency.

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"I was a little disappointed at the third debate when neither of them talked about climate control and the nature of the situation on earth," Stone said, adding of Hurricane Sandy and its immense damage:

"I think there's a kind of a weird statement coming right after it. This is a punishment. Mother Nature cannot be ignored."

Of course, this "storm will pass" and "the campaign will pass," Stone said. "But unfortunately the nature of this present world situation will not."

Stone, who just released "The Untold History of the United States," has been very critical of the current administration's continuation of many George W. Bush policies - but he added in the chat that he voted early and for Barack Obama in this election.