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Linda Hogan appeared yesterday on Access Hollywood Live to promote her book “Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes,” only for the conversation to quickly turn to the Hulk Hogan sex tape.

“It really is quite an embarrassment for our family,” Linda said of the video, which depicts Hogan giving it to Heather Clem in 2006. “I’m not really shocked because I knew that he was having affairs and I knew that he was cheating.”

Hogans VMAs 2006

Hogan has admitted to stepping out on his wife, but has insisted he had no knowledge he and Clem were being filmed, nor did he play a role in releasing the tape.

He also sort of blamed Linda for the affair because he said she abused him physically and emotionally during their marriage.

Linda, meanwhile, told host Billy Bush that she has viewed the footage.

“It actually did make me upset,” she said. “I’ve seen him on TV so much, but this was different. To see your husband in a room with another woman … It’s a whole life of deception. I’m glad to be away from that now.”