Heather Clem: Celebrity Sex Tape Regular?

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Heather Clem is reportedly devastated by the leaking of the Hulk Hogan sex tape.

But sources tell Radar Online they aren't sure why Clem would care: because she has allegedly banged numerous famous people on video!

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Clem is the ex-wife of DJ Bubba the Love Sponge, Hogan's former best friend.

And, according to an anonymous insider, Bubba often brought his well-known pals together with the lady of his house. Very, very close together, that is.

"Bubba regularly brought his wife's sex tapes into work at the radio station and would show them to the staff," this mole claims. "When the Hulk tape was leaked none of his staff were surprised because they'd all seen it already! And that wasn't the only tape they saw with Heather having sex with a celebrity."

At least two other tapes with "notable" co-stars are supposedly in existence.

Hogan has sued Gawker Media for releasing footage from the video and is also planning to bring Bubba in the legal mix.

However, Radar asserts that the Love Sponge was actually NOT in on the sex tape distribution.

"Even though Bubba knew how much the Hulk sex tape would be worth, he didn't stab his friend in the back and he's not the one who released it," the source says.  "It's a former employee of Bubba's who was outraged when [Bubba] left Sirius to go back to Terrestrial radio. He wanted payback."

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