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It may not have seemed possible, but the Hulk Hogan sex tape is creating an even larger rift between Linda Hogan and her famous ex-husband.

The former WWE star went on the Howard Stern Show this morning and essentially blamed Linda for his affair with Heather Clem, alleging physical and emotional abuse against the mother of his children, all of which simply forced him to cheat.

In response, Linda tells TMZ:

Hogans VMAs 2006

“Unbelievable – I never abused Hulk Hogan.”

Her attorney, Raymond Rafool, takes the denial a few steps further.

“Hulk Hogan’s the-devil-made-me-do-it (or in his case my ex-wife Linda-made-me-do-it) is just a pitiful excuse for a grown man to avoid taking responsibility for his own mishaps and actions,” Rafool says, adding:

“It is a shame that Hulk Hogan tries to deflect his immorality with false allegations that Linda verbally and emotionally abused him. Linda Hogan never abused Hulk Hogan – verbally, mentally or otherwise.”

He didn’t add, but should have: Let’s face it, anyone who watches this sex tape will be the one who’s actually abused. Am I right?!?