Lindsay Lohan Arrest: Accuser Says She REEKED of Booze; Surveillance Video Shows He's Totes Lying

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Lindsay Lohan's hit-and-run accuser says she reeked of booze when she love tapped him with her car and was popped for a hit-and-run earlier this morning.

The star is telling friends she had no idea she hit anybody and wasn't drunk in the least, and had no idea anything was going on until the cops arrested her.

Pretty much par for the course when you're dealing with her.

The short story: A minor traffic incident in NYC ended with Lindsay Lohan arrested and charged with a hit-and-run on a pedestrian shortly after midnight.

Lindsay Lohan Arrested

Alleged victim Jose Rodriguez, a chef in NYC, spoke with the NY Daily News following the crash, saying LiLo was slurring words and "smelled like alcohol real bad."

Police say they don't believe LiLo was drunk at the time of the arrest outside the Dream Hotel, however they acknowledge that LL did not take a breathalyzer test.

Rodriguez said he'd just left work at Bottega restaurant when all of the sudden "[I] saw this car come real quick and hit me. ... I was in so much pain, I fell to the side."

He claims he was taken to Bellevue Hospital and treated for torn tendons, with doctors giving him morphine to deal with the pain. Anyone out there buying this?

Lindsay's not, and hotel surveillance video may back her up.

The footage shows the entire incident, starting with Linds driving into the hotel, down a ramp, and alleged victim walking in the pedestrian path she had to cross.

Her car was traveling at a very slow speed and it's unclear if she even made contact with him, though one police detective felt Lindsay's car "grazed" his leg.

Once Lindsay cleared the area and proceeded down a ramp, the video shows the alleged victim sprinting after her ... supporting his claim that Lohan tagged him.

At the same time, this doesn't bolster his own account that he hit the deck and suffered torn tendons. It does not appear he confronted the star at the hotel.

When Lindsay got out of the car, she didn't seem flustered at all. In addition, sources say she was at a Slash concert prior to this, and was not drinking there.

Lohan was backstage watching Slash and there was no booze served, since the rocker doesn't drink. She left there at 11:30 and (allegedly) hit the guy at 12:12.

That gives Lindsay 42 minutes to leave the show and go a mile and a half in NYC traffic ... not exactly time for her to go out, get sloshed, then get in the car.

Basically, it's unclear if Lindsay hit the guy or what consequences she might face if she did, but it looks like he's lying or at least exaggerating what went down.

Why she can't just get a driver is an open question, though. Some people should just not be behind the wheel of a car. How many times can this happen?!?


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