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Embattled Missouri Congressman Todd Akin is probably staying in the state’s U.S. Senate race, but left the door open for his departure in an interview today.

“I’m never going to say everything that could possibly happen,” Akin, under fire for his “legitimate rape” comment, said. “I don’t know the future, but I do know this.”

“I know that party voters took a look at our hearts, understood who we were, had an opportunity to meet us in many different ways and made a decision.”

“And it makes me uncomfortable to think that the party bosses are going to dictate who’s running as opposed to the election process.”

Fox News to Todd Akin: Get Out!

Republicans are lining up to ask Akin, who won a three-way GOP primary this summer, to drop out against Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has distanced himself from Akin, and he’s been asked not to show up at the party’s convention in Tampa.

Akin, 65, says he’ll skip the RNC, but insists he can still win the Senate seat and is staying in the race because of how he won the primary.

“I was outspent by a large amount in terms of media. Yet by standing on principle and putting politics aside and talking about the foundations of this country, the people of Missouri chose me to be their candidate,” he said.

In truth, while his comment was ignorant and ridiculous – he also said pregnant women rarely get pregnant because their body will “shut that whole thing down” – his political viewpoint differs little from the official Republican Party abortion position.

What do you think? Should Akin drop out?