Teen Mom Finale Recap: End of an Error

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For Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell and Farrah Abraham, this chapter of their cartoonishly animated book of MTV life is over.

The final episode of Teen Mom aired Tuesday night, marking the end of an era (error?) for the fab four who started it all on 16 & Pregnant.

Where did they leave things as the curtain bowed?

Let's find out in our final Teen Mom +/- recap!

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Farrah Abraham finished her first quarter of school! With straight A's! Plus 20.

She really missed Sophia, though, and made it clear she doesn't want to send her away like that anymore. She cried about this a lot, as Sophia makes her very emotional.

The little girl even noticed, calling her a "cry baby." Plus 10.

"Mommy you're a bad person." - Sophia. Plus 50.

Have you seen Farrah's "On My Own" music video? That's funnier and more revealing than anything a filler episode can really offer. Plus 50.

The drama with Tyler's father starts to take its toll on the kid. He's high strung and dropping f-bombs like a madman. Chill out, T! Minus 25.

His and Cate's final story involves a dog dropping a deuce. Sums it all up right there. We love Cate and Ty, but time to move on. Minus 40.

Tyler Baltierra eventually sees a therapist and breaks down, which is a very sad moment but an empowering one at the same time. Plus 10.

"I don't know why. I never did anything wrong so I don't know why he doesn't love me," he said, before cutting Butch out for good. Plus 30.

Let's hope April does the same. We're skeptical. Minus 20.

The Teen Mom Stars

All the tension between Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards continued boiling, but then the series kind of ended and not much was resolved there.

Maci is pissed because Ryan gets Bentley for his b-day but she "spent 37 hours in the hospital pushing Bentley out of [her] hoo-hoo." Plus 5.

Ryan is filing for joint custody and trying to block Kyle and Maci from living together since they're not married ... good luck with that. Minus 20.

Once he brought that up to his parents and girlfriend Dalis, she quickly said, "What if we decide to live together?" Light bulb? On. Plus 10.

Who is Ryan kidding anyway. His mom does all the work. Guy's come a long way since he abandoned Maci with a newborn, but custody? Please. Minus 40.

Maci gets a B on a test! OMG! Plus 15.

Amber Portwood's new guy friend, Mike, seemed like a nice guy but Gary didn't care and hated him regardless. Way to be supportive. Minus 10.

Mike hilariously says Ambs is a real "sweetheart," meaning he has almost certainly never seen an episode of Teen Mom in four years. Plus 20.

A huge argument went down when Gary decided to throw Leah a birthday party that Amber wasn't allowed to go to, instead of waiting until after their court hearing to celebrate. Amber gets a lot of flak but this guy is no prize. Minus 30.

Gary apparently calls Amber "slut puppy." Minus 70.

Of course, you know Amber and Gary. Within 10 minutes they're back on good terms and going to court together, arm in arm. Sniff. Plus 25.

Ultimately, Gary got sole custody of Leah and the no-contact order was dropped. Seems like these two are really pulling it together! Plus 25.

Oh, right. She's in jail for the next five YEARS. Minus 100.


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