Teen Mom Recap: Maci Bookout Can't Let Ryan Edwards Go; Amber Portwood Loves Glitter

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Maci Bookout apparently needs a reality check.

Having agreed to have their own celebrations for son Bentley's birthday, and with him in a serious relationship with someone else, she must be totally over her baby daddy Ryan Edwards this time right? Mostly? Maybe? A little?

Let's find out in this week's recap!

Maci and Ryan

Mace decides to celebrate Bentley's b-day at Pump It Up ... and promptly urges the toddler to call Ryan and invite him to the shindig. Oye. Minus 10.

Bentley left a voicemail. When Ryan returned the call, Maci handed Bentley the phone and had him ask again. Girl reeks of desperation at this point.

Ryan couldn't go, and while he's far from Dad of the Year, we give him a pass here ... remember Maci Bookout crashing his family vacay? Plus 20.

Upon picking up Bentley, Ryan received an earful from Maci while his GF Dalis seethed beside him. Think Maci will learn from this? No? Minus 15.

Having been dumped last week, Farrah Abraham and her mom wash their hands of Daniel. "That's a bad sign," Debra says. No kidding. Plus 5.

SIDE NOTE: You have to watch Farrah Abraham's "On My Own" music video. It defies description. Don't quit your day job Farrah ... whatever it is.

"When I'm done with something, I'm done with it," says Farrah, re: Daniel. Well, unless we're talking about Derek Underwood of course. Minus 30.

Fortunately for Farrah, Sophia is with grandma for another month, so she can focus 100 percent on school ... specifically BARTENDING. Minus 20.

Catelynn and Tyler's grandparents - his mom Kim and her mom April - express their desire to have a new storyline relationship with Carly. Plus 5.

Adoption counselor Dawn totally puts the kibosh on that. Time? Killed. Plus 5.

The HECK is Amber Portwood doing to herself with all that glitter?? Minus 25.

Leah is genuinely sad to bid mom farewell. Poor girl. Minus 35.

Gary promises that once "this bitch-ass no-contact order" is gone, their family will finally be back to normal. Or she'll go to prison. Minus 40.


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