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As we learned yesterday, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans wants to take back custody of son Jace from her mom, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

No, really, she is getting her life together to make this happen. She claims.

“Jenelle is working really hard because she doesn’t want her mom Barbara Evans to have custody of Jace anymore,” a source close to the 22-year-old says.

“She knows she has to go to court to get Jace back and she’s planning to,” the source adds, however, “she can’t right now because of her legal troubles.”

There’s also the whole Jenelle Evans nude pic scandal … or several.

“Jenelle has been so good about following her probation rules but she’s back in trouble after the latest incident with Gary Head,” the friend goes on.

Jenelle voluntarily turned custody of Jace over to her mom but now she feels like “she wants to be a full time mom … she has been meeting with everyone who can help her to make sure she’s doing the right things to get Jace back.”

The source claims the train wreck “has tried to straighten out and after her last fight with Gary and meeting with her doctors and lawyers recently she is fully committed to working hard to convince the court to let her have custody of her son back.”

Jenelle’s next court appearance following her arrest with Gary Head will be “the first step she is going to take in the long road to getting Jace back.”

Should Jenelle Evans be allowed to have custody of Jace?