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Give Megan Lochte credit: This is certainly a new line of defense.

After being slammed for her appearance on a Maryland-based radio this week, during which she repeatedly used the word “Chink” to describe Chinese citizens and lumped them together with the Japanese as “Asian,” or “whatever [Americans] want them to be,” the sister of star swimmer Ryan Lochte has come out and explained:

It was all an act!

Megan Lochte Radio Interview

“I would like to apologize for the video that is circulating,” Lochte said in a statement. “This was not a real interview, and it in no way reflects my true feelings or persona whatsoever. During that time, I played a character on a television comedy show called Closing Time TV, which was a show with different comedy skits, fake news skits and staged interviews.

“The video in question reflects a skit from the show in which I acted as an ignorant guest on a talk show that made ignorant comments. The intent was to make fun of the ignorance of people who actually do not have an understanding of other cultures and speak in racist ways. The skit and my character were supposed to be making fun of ignorance.”

Ah, so Megan Lochte was actually attempting to enlighten the world? Not totally and completely mock it?!? Our bad for somehow misinterpreting the rant!

What do you think, readers? Are you buying this explanation?