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A new naked photo scandal involving Jenelle Evans has surfaced, and her sometime friend James Duffy is the man some speculate is responsible.

You know, the guy behind her arrests for cyber-stalking … and harassment.

If you recall (we’re sort of jealous of you if you don’t), Jenelle Evans nude pics leaked this spring showing her before and after plastic surgery.

Now, an unidentified person close to Jenelle has published more photos of her fully nude taken before the Teen Mom 2 star got fake boobs.

Jenelle Won't Leave David

Who took them, who leaked them and why? All unclear.

“Leave me the f**k alone, PLEASE. I hope u die. I’m so upset,” Jenelle Evans tweeted when she realized what had happened over the weekend.

It is very possible she is referring to Duffy, her former friend. Not a bad guess as he’s threatened to tweet damaging pics of Jenelle in the past.

In typical fashion, Jenelle egged him on, proclaiming that he was all talk, no action … something she probably regrets if Duffy is indeed the culprit.


Jenelle, obviously, has SERIOUS issues; her relationships with boyfriends (Kieffer Delp, Gary Head) and family are tumultuous to say the least.

“MY OWN BLOOD FAMILY I can’t even trust!” the wreck wrote earlier in the week, possibly implying that her sister Ashleigh Evans may be involved.

Who knows with Jenelle whether she’s telling the truth, or what she’s even talking about half the time, but the girl always keeps things interesting.