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Bachelor Pad. The only network show where working at Hooters for 25 years can provide you with the kind of training you need to excel.

Actually, who knows if that’s even true, but it certainly benefited former Hooters waitress / Ben Flajnik castoff Blakeley Jones in her efforts.

Blakeley, age 34, hasn’t actually worked there for 25 years, but people said that more than once, making for some memorable quotes.

How did it help her and who got the boot at the end of the night? Did Chris Bukowski survive? Find out in THG’s Bachelor Pad recap!

After his botched plan to give Blakeley the boot, Chris and Sarah are cuddling and calling it “their last week in the house.” Self-awareness at least. Plus 9.

Blakeley sticking around also meant that Chris’ lies and women-juggling – Jamie Otis and then Sarah Newlon – became public knowledge. Ouch. Minus 11.

Blakeley’s new partner, Tony Pieper, says she’s the “hottest girl in the house by far.” Disagree, but Plus 10 for being genuinely into her unlike Chris.

Aided by her Hooters training, Blakeley OWNED the teacup carrying race and won immunity, then coached Tony to the same. Suck it Chris! Plus 10.

“Thank you, Hooters!” exclaimed Blakeley. Indeed. In. Deed. Plus 10.

“She’s been a Hooters girl for 25 years. Of course she would win,” Chris scoffed, even though this would mean she worked at Hooters at age 9. Minus 13.

Knowing Tony was headed on a date with her, Blakeley gave her rose to Kalon McMahon, who screwed over Chris last week. When it rains it pours! Plus 6.

Kalon took lady love Lindzi Cox out on a date (they love each other), while Chris masterminded a plan to boot Lindzi out of the house as revenge. Plus 4.

Tony gave a rose to Jaclyn Swartz … after Ed Swiderski informed the group that he wasn’t romantically interested in anybody there. Ouch. Minus 8.

Then there’s a twist: Everyone must vote off a woman, who thens get to pick the man of her choice to leave with her. Chris could have an out after all!

Reigning Bachelor Pad champion Michael Stagliano spearheads a plan to get Erica Rose voted off, then make her think Chris was behind it. Plus 10.

The problem? Chris filled her in on what was going down, and she turned the tables on Michael, sending him home with a blistering tirade. Plus 20.

“The smartest thing that Holly ever did was dumping you and marrying Blake… and I’m so happy I’m taking you away with me,” Erica snapped.

Okay that was just mean. Minus 25.