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Los Angeles police are investigating a minor traffic accident involving very troubled star Amanda Bynes from earlier this month … try to contain your shock.

After a person reported the actress hit her car and left without providing her information, authorities are looking into the actress’ allleged actions.

Police Lt. Andy Neiman said Sunday that she stopped after the crash, looked at the other vehicle, determined there wasn’t any damage, then peaced out.

Amanda Bynes Has a Doll Face

Police said Bynes, 26, drove away without giving her information, which is required by law, and the case will go to the city attorney’s office for review.

No one was injured, but the damage to the other person’s vehicle in the August 4 incident was more than $800. Perhaps Amanda’s eyes missed that.

Bynes, who has a history of traffic problems, has pleaded not guilty to DUI after she was arrested in April for grazing a sheriff’s patrol car earlier this year.