Amanda Bynes in ANOTHER Alleged Hit-and-Run Crash (Really)

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A woman claims that troubled star Amanda Bynes rear-ended her car and then drove off without exchanging insurance info Saturday afternoon.

This would be the third alleged hit-and-run of the year for AB.

Kisa, whose last name has been withheld by TMZ for the time being, says she was struck by Bynes driving her Toyota Corolla on Ventura Blvd.

She didn't recognize the woman at first - because she "looked like a hot mess" - but once they began talking, realized it was Amanda Bynes.

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Kisa says she got out her insurance card to exchange details, as is customary in such cases, but says Bynes "seemed nervous about that."

According to her, Bynes told her the damage "didn't look that bad" and proceeded to push her bumper back into place ... which didn't work.

Bynes then said they didn't need to exchange info since neither car was damaged - Kisa says Bynes' car had "significant" damage to it - and peaced out.

Kisa called police, who responded to the scene. Kisa says when she told the officer who hit her, the officer replied, "Didn't she just get a DUI?"

As a matter of fact, police arrested Amanda Bynes for DUI April 6 ... and she was also accused of hit and run incidents on May 5 and May 27.



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