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Lindsay Lohan is going back to her roots … LITERALLY people.

Having finished filming Lifetime’s movie Liz & Dick, miraculously without being arrested or killed, the troubled star returned to her natural hair color.

The change comes after she was spotted in various wigs (one Cleopatra style, another long and dark, another shoulder-length and curly) on the set.

No longer Elizabeth Taylor, she’s back to rockin’ the red …

Christina Aguilera Redhead

Lohan apparently spent much of the Fourth of July dyeing her hair, because she Tweeted the final result Wednesday, along with the caption “Red again.”

Come on, that’s the best you can come up with?

The new shade harkens back to old Lindsay Lohan pictures – before health scares, car accidents, gun photos and court hearings – so it’s a very positive sign.

Okay, maybe not, it’s just hair. Unless they come up with a way to do common sense transplants, she’s still going to be a mess for the time being.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]