Kate Middleton Cover Depicts Duchess With Rotting, Yellow Teeth

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A new magazine cover featuring Kate Middleton is causing quite a stir.

Because the Duchess rarely (okay, never) poses for magazines, they're forced to snag and edit images on their own for the celebrity gossip, etc., that they're teasing.

The New Republic has gone further than ever before, however, marring the lovely face of Kate Middleton with Photoshop and giving her rotting yellow teeth.

See the cringe-worthy image below. Why would they go there?

Kate Middleton Cover

The cover story is not about Catherine nor royals in general, but rather the decaying state of the British economy and government ... hence the metaphor.

As for why Kate Middleton, and not a figure of the actual government (or the actual monarch Queen Elizabeth II), was chosen for the cover, we can't say.

Okay, we can ... it was done because Kate, for better or worse, has become the symbolic face of the country, and so we'd discuss the image above.

Political commentary aside, that's a little rough. Follow the link for actual Kate Middleton photos, in which her smile (and everything else) looks flawless.


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