Daniel Tosh Wants Rape Jokes Edited Out of New Show

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In the wake of this week's Daniel Tosh rape joke controversy, the Comedy Central star is trying to get as far away from that topic as possible.

The comedian reportedly asked editors and producers to remove any reference of rape from the pilot episode of his new series, Brickleberry.

The only issue? That's what most of the pilot is about, obviously.

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Tosh reportedly gave the crew 24 hours to make those changes before the animated series is shown at Comic-Con Friday night in San Diego.

The Tosh.0 star's camp has yet to return requests for comment.

After making a female audience member the subject of his joke about rape during a stand-up routine last Friday, Tosh sincerely apologized.

While complaining about offensive jokes at a Tosh show is akin to objecting to the noise at a Metallica concert, there is a line he can cross.

Did he in this case? Should he have apologized?


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