America's Got Talent Results: Who's Out?

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Heading into an extended break for the Summer Olympics, America's Got Talent advanced four acts to the next round last night. Did you agree with the selections?

Saying Goodbye on America's Got Talent

Eliminations Part One - Ulysses, David "The Bullet" Smith, Olate Dogs
Ulysses is a nice person but he was clearly out of his league. If he was up against weird instrument player Michael Nejad and sleep-inducing Nikki Jensen back in week one, he wouldn't have been the bottom of the barrel.

David "The bullet" Smith is exactly like Professor Splash last year: all he can do is go farther. I understand that lots of people die trying to blast themselves out of cannons, but that doesn't make successful human cannonballs automatic Vegas acts. Olate Dogs was the clear frontrunner of the night, especially the "we can do better than Britain" comment that Sharon provided. Funny that Sharon is an American citizen.

Eliminated: Ulysses, David "The Bullet" Smith
Advanced: Olate Dogs

Eliminations Two - William Close, Unity in Motion, Sebastien "El Charro de Oro"
William Close was a great act, but his performances are a bit PBS for NBC if that makes sense. There's a degree of maturity or sophistication that I worry NBC-loving America doesn't have. Unity in Motion was clean and precise but they are also trained as hard as the dogs in the Olate act. Sebastien "El Charro De Oro" had a simplistic arrangement of his band and video behind him, but he didn't need explosives or seizure inducing videos. I find it odd how Sebastien gets to stand with his band, but William Close is alone the whole time.

Eliminated: Unity in Motion, Sebastien "El Charro de Oro"
Advanced: William Close

Eliminations Three - Joe Castillo, Horse, Eric & Olivia
After seeing Light Wire Theater make it through, I parallel Joe Castillo's act to the Silhouettes and Light Wire is Team iLuminate. I hope both current acts don't suffer the same fate and lose to Tim Hockenberry. Howard hit Horse's demographic on the head (or in the balls): Jackass viewers, Tosh.0 fans, or even G4 people. Most of those people are probably watching Wipeout or American Ninja Warrior and not this show. Eric & Olivia need to secure a gig at a fancy coffee shop and work their way up. The exposure will help them greatly, but they need time.

Eliminated: Horse, Eric & Olivia
Advanced: Joe Castillo

Eliminations Four - Lindsay Norton, All That!, Eric Diddleman
This was one of the few times where Nick actually announced some percentage numbers. That's the one thing that's amazing about Britain's Got Talent: they reveal all the voting percentages after the season ends. According to Nick, there was a less than one percent difference between all three acts. Lindsey Norton was just as good as Unity in Motion and with them already eliminated, it made me wonder if the two negated their votes. Interesting that America favored the solo dancer over the group though.

Eric Diddleman is in a category of his own and after Spencer Horseman scraped his elbow and Hawley Magic couldn't leave the 80s, Diddleman is the only hope for a "magic" act. I wouldn't mind seeing All That! if they took notes from Thunder From Down Under. They need to be sexier and the group claims to be happy with "all" their fans. Why not pander to the women and gay male vote?

Eliminated (in Sixth): Lindsay Norton
All That!'s Votes: Sharon
Eric Diddleman's Votes: Howie, Howard

Immediately after elimination, Sharon announced that All That! would be one of her picks for the Wild Card round. The YouTube acts will be up after the Olympics so we'll basically be on a month break and All That! could work on getting six-pack abs.