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A new film, published by the European Commission and designed to promote women in scientific and research fields, describes science as a “girl thing.”

It combines generic pics of beakers and words like “hydrogen” with pictures of rail-thin models wearing designer sunglasses. There’s also a lot of pink.

Check it out below. Somewhat amazingly, it’s not a spoof:

Science Girl Thing

Needless to say, the video went viral, but its lipstick-style logo, techno soundtrack and other touches struck some critics as “offensive” and “insulting.”

Some users were so surprised by the video that an EC spokesman was forced to deny it was a joke, insisting that the group “doesn’t really do irony.”

Others observed that the “dream jobs” section of the campaign’s website didn’t offer any suggestions, instead inviting readers to “come back soon.”

Will they, based on what they’ve seen here? Quite unclear.

The video was just one of a series of films, some of which are more straightforward and can be viewed at the Science Girl Thing’s YouTube account.