Microsoft Unveils Surface Tablet, Competition for iPad

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Simply put, it is on between Microsoft and Apple.

The computer giant announced direct competition for the iPad yesterday at a press event in Los Angeles, unveiling the Surface tablet, a device outlined by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer as a “companion hardware innovation” for Windows 8.

Microsoft Surface

What will user experience be like on the Surface?

The technology will come equipped with a 10.6-inch rectangle display; a built-in kickstand; and a 3mm thick cover that also acts as a multi-touch keyboard.

When will it be available and how much will it cost? Microsoft did not reveal either at the press conference, instead simply saying for now that the price of the basic Surface will be "comparable" to rival tablets.

The Surface Pro, meanwhile, will be larger in size and operate along the lines of a full PC. It will serve as competition for the MacBook Air more than the iPad.