Kalon McMahon: Lying to Emily Maynard Non-Stop on The Bachelorette?

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The Bachelorette he-diva Kalon McMahon says all the right things, but he's lying non-stop to Emily Maynard, according to people close to him.

Given the history of the "luxury brand consultant," a friend warns Emily that she should see Kalon's sweet nothings for just that ... nothing.

None other than Erica Rose, a 2006 contestant on The Bachelor, grew up with Kalon in Texas and says the red flags are already flying high.

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"Emily should really take anything he says with a grain of salt," says the aptly-named Rose, who resurfaced last summer on Bachelor Pad.

"And if she wants to know why, all she has to do is see how he lied to his girlfriend back in Houston - just like he's lying to Emily now."

Star recently published Kalon's (alleged) raunchy 2009 personal "diary" detailing his womanizing and partying ... big surprise right there.

Late the following year, he began what appeared to be a serious romance with law student Lauren Serice, 25, after they met on a blind date.

"Lauren was wary at first because she heard bad things about Kalon, but he can turn on the charm at the drop of a hat," Erica recalled.

"He put on his act and worked hard to win her over."

During their relationship, Kalon McMahon admitted to Lauren he didn't want to have children ... making you wonder why he'd pursue Emily Maynard.

"That's another lie he's been telling," Erica adds, "since she has a young daughter, Kalon would never be in a situation where he has to be a stepdad."

With Arie Luyendyk Jr. looking like the favorite, Kalon could soon be on his way out. See these Bachelorette spoilers for more on his fate ...

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