Jerry Sandusky Trial: Victim #9 Testifies, Caps Off Shocking Week in Court

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The Jerry Sandusky trial is in recess for a three-day weekend after the ninth alleged victim of the former Penn State coach took the stand Thursday.

Victim No. 9, a slightly built 18-year-old, looking nervous and ashamed, leaned into the witness stand mic yesterday to deliver graphic testimony.

He was a trailer-park kid from a poor, single-parent family, just the kind of project Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile charity was supposed to help.

Victim No. 9 told the shocked, packed Centre County Courtroom how when he was a young teen he'd stay in Sandusky's basement on weekends.

That's when the former Penn State defensive coordinator would routinely come down at night and force him to perform oral sex, he testified.

"What was I going to do?" the witness said, his vulnerable voice cracking. "Look at him, he's a big guy, bigger than me. Way bigger than me."

The boy said that he only kept returning to Sandusky's home because his mother, thinking he needed a male role model, insisted he do so.

Soon the sessions occasionally included sodomy, which couldn't stop either.

"I just went with it," he said. "There was no fighting against it. … Sometimes [I'd] scream. Sometimes tell him to get off of me. But other than that, he was there, you were in a basement, no one can hear you down there."

"Did you ever bleed?" Sandusky's attorney, Joe Amendola asked later.

"Yes," the witness said, in a chilling tone so matter-of-fact it was heartbreaking. "I just dealt with it. I have a different way of coping with things."

Court was then adjourned until Monday. The prosecution, while not officially resting its case, is expected to turn the floor over to the defense soon.

Just not before prosecutors presented this dose of graphic testimony, one more horrible tale to sit in the jurors' minds during a long weekend.

"Between now and then we have three days of temptation," Judge John Cleland warned, urging discretion. "It's better to say absolutely nothing."

It's possible to not speak. It's another thing to not think.

In four days the state has hammered the 12 jurors with an avalanche of accusers, stories, evidence and descriptions, all nauseating beyond belief.

The 68-year-old is facing 52 counts based on using his charity and his football stature to manipulate and molest 10 children over a 15-year period.

Jerry Sandusky is entitled to the presumption of innocence and should and will receive a vigorous defense … but if he is somehow not guilty of all accusations, this would have to be the most elaborate, carefully-orchestrated conspiracy of all time.

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