Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe would have been 86 today. The actress and icon died of a drug overdose under still-debated-to-this-day circumstances a half century ago.

Her name alone conjures up memories of beauty and tragedy. Marilyn. So talented, so troubled and so profoundly sexual to all those who remember her.

Future generations will know her no differently.

Marilyn Monroe Photo

The enigmatic star, underrated as an actress, stole every scene she was in, from her bit part in All About Eve to her Oscar-worthy role in Some Like It Hot.

In her personal life, Monroe made headlines whether she was singing "Happy Birthday" to the president, getting married or showing up late to the set.

It's no wonder Marilyn fascinates, inspires (see Lindsay Lohan Playboy photos, or the below pic Tweeted by Lady Gaga today) and mesmerizes to this day.

It's also no wonder that the late Monroe became the focal point of the film My Week With Marilyn or NBC's new Broadway-themed series Smash.

Marilyn's career, and life, was pure theater.

Lady Gaga as Marilyn Monroe
Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe
Kate as Marilyn
Lindsay or Marilyn?