Great Moments in Google Auto-Complete

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As you've surely seen countless times, Google's auto-complete feature fills in what it thinks you might be searching for when you start to type a query.

Most of the time, especially if you enter more than 2-3 words, this can be fast, helpful and surprisingly accurate. Sometimes, though, it's just hilarious.

Take this example. When you simply type "Is", the search engine suggests five apparently common searches, and five great questions of our time:

Google 1

Behold, a snapshot into the mind of America's search engine subconscious.

Is the Mitt Romney campaign getting nervous? Really? No clue why it would be right now, as President Obama looks shaky as ever. Nervous in that he might blow it?

Only slightly less on the mind of Google users is whether or not Comedy Central star Daniel Tosh is homosexual. Definitely a profound topic of debate.

Snooki, pneumonia contagiousness and Twitter crashing round out this amazing top five. Twitter really does go down a lot for a site of its stature.

Follow the jump for more great Google auto-complete results:

Google 2
Google 3
Google 4
Google 5

Is it a boy or a girl? Who knew Google was an ultrasound tech!

The long and short of it: People are rather obsessed with all things gay and medical, and incapable of looking out the window to see if it's raining right now.

Finally, the time-honored, philosophical questions of whether God and/or vampires really exist remain unanswered. The Vampire Diaries isn't proof enough??

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