America's Got Talent Review: Who is Leaving Las Vegas?

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America's Got Talent finally touched down in Las Vegas last night, with over 100 acts set to be whittled down to 48, group-by-group:

Judges Favorites, Standbys, Direct-to-NY, and Rejection.

According to editing, we only lost three acts to the instant eliminations: the uncle/son acrobats, one of the Luther Vandross’ and Ivy Rose. Why the latter? Who knows. On the other side William Close, the dog trainers and the human cannonball automatically made it through. Now, on to the recap...

America's Got Fire

Danger - All Wheel Sports feels like a better overall group for Vegas compared to American BMX. American BMX called it "a lot of filler," and in a wonderful twist of karma the one guy on his motor-scooter (not a BMX) wiped out.

The Drill team seemed too clean; the girl looked bored. The balancing act was cool, but I couldn't watch balancing for that long without falling. Ben Blaque showed a questionable rehearsal where his act missed because of "lighting issues." The act proceeded to do well, though a lot of the same. He ended with a successful backwards blindfolded sequence.

Female Singers - Mary Joyner was awful. She sounded too nervous and it caused her to be pitchy. Following Mary was a line of fail. Roxy Doll sounded bored, Brianna Price warbled and Cecilia sounded odd.

Luna, who auditioned with a Jewel song, was nervous and blanked. Howard was embarrassed and immediately gave her a mercy killing. The only female with some potential was Aussie Nikki Jensen, but both her original sound and her foreign-ness may be her downfall.

Dance Groups - I didn't care for any of them. Funk Beyond Control had their Lion King on reminding us that talent can be covered with costumes. The cloggers were okay, but were already on this show. On the other spectrum of costuming Loyalty looked hot glued; the judges focused on how they were as dull as their fashion sense. 787 thought that they were amazing; they hit most of their stunts, except for one where a guy got landed on in a front-flip. Insert crying here.

Novelty - Of all the groups tonight, the novelty acts showed real potential. Horse, the nut shot guy, started pulling his group from his nuts. They then proceeded to bowl, bike and then torch him. Howard pointed out the obvious: it's funnier in underwear.

All Beef Patty, the drag queen, managed to give “Before He Cheats” a strong rendition. Sand Guy went with something less All-American and more about oppression. The comedian/ventriloquist did a speed vocal run. Light Wire Theater's biggest problem was that they used same exact dinosaurs and flowers from their auditions. Team iLuminate would never have done that. Aurora on the other hand, had a new butterfly idea. Cheesy? Yes. Original? That too.

Classical Singers - We end the night on an odd note. Simply Sergio was sick and thought he was awesome, he may have forgotten the words but tried to justify that the humming was intentional. Luiz, cleaned up with a nice suit, but struggled with his foreclosed home and vocal abilities. Andrew De Leon was a lot closer to accurate, though he was a bit shrill. Then he forgot the words at the end.