America's Got Talent Recap: Judging Their Favorites

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Night one in Las Vegas was clearly a ball of nerves for several acts. Did the judges' favorites on America's Got Talent overcome their nerves to perform at their best on Tuesday?

Let's find out!

The Untouchables Perform

Magic - Mind Reader Eric continued with his successful act by finding Sharon's first crush. While he managed to get "Robin" right, Sharon made up the name. Taylor Reed made a helicopter appear, but it was the same as the motorcycle he auditioned with down to the flashlight. Justin Rivera had a moving box sequence that was so obvious that it wasn't funny.

I think I get turned on by Spencer Horseman, escape artist extraordinaire, except for when his shoulders rise to his ears when he's nervous. The tie around the eyes added to the level of kink. He managed to get out but lost a pick with

Advanced: Spencer and Eric

Vocal Duos - Why did the judges even bother calling this category "groups" when they were all duos? Eric & Olivia continued to be jazzy with a rendition of "What a Wonderful World" and I started getting Regina Spektor vibes. The Father/Daughter street singers had the dad forget a few words and dad was off key. Father/Young Daughter was chipmunky, pitchy, and painful.

Advanced: Older Father/Daughter, the Not-Daters Eric & Olivia.

Comedians - With six comedians, youngest Jacob Williams had strong material that Howard didn't like. Sammy Obeid made some girlfriend knocks, Dave did impersonations, and Kellen did a psychic/robbery joke that was too slow. Tom Cotter continued the "that's their name" jokes and the "I want to kill my ex" jokes. Frank Roche took a bad gamble and choked; Howard mercy killed him.

Advanced: Jacob and Tom

Kids - As a reminder to the audience children still have to do homework. Yay child labor laws. Sebastien was still strong with his mariachi band and didn't need a mic. Issac Brown was pitchy and pretty bad; I get that he's a fan of the Jackson 5, but he really needs suitable material. The Untouchables (aka Miami All-Stars Jr.) had a disco act that wasn't bad; it showed range. Amazing Elisabeth continued to be amazing and out of breath; the act would be better with a woman, but this girl showed promise. Edon did a really good job, considering he was the only kid playing an instrument.

Advanced: Edon, Sebastien, and The Untouchables

Male Singers - Ulysses, the often-sleeping theme song singer, sang "Secret Agent Man" but his pronunciation of "agent" was odd. Howard still didn't get it. Daniel Park, Jake Rogers, and questionable Sargent Tim Poe had small forgettable moments. Tim Hockenberry had that wonderful Joe Cocker gruff as he sung "Maybe I'm Amazed."

Advanced: Ulysses and Tim

Advanced From Day One: The thing that didn't surprise me was that most if not all of the novelty acts made it through (light/sand/drag/nuts/dog/iLuminate knock-off) as did both bike/stunt danger teams. I am happy to announce that the overdressed Lion King act and the underdressed Loyalty were both eliminated. If that means we have to hold on to 787 and All That!, then I'm okay.

As a future note, find the right costuming for whatever category you're in. Only the Aussie girl managed to survive in the female category. In an utterly happy move, none of the classical males survived. No more of Andrew's tears through his ice blue contacts.

It seems like about 25 of the spots have been taken, so the remaining acts will have to fight for what's left tomorrow.

NOTE: Controversial contestant Timothy Poe did NOT advance.