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A young San Antonio Spurs fan faces suspension from school if he doesn’t somehow alter the image of NBA player Matt Bonner shaved into his head.

Why on Earth someone takes the time to have a likeness of the reserve forward shaved onto the back of their head, no one knows. But it’s awesome!

Even more amazing is the fact that the Woodlake Hills Middle School student Patrick Gonzalez could actually face disciplinary action over this haircut:

Christina Aguilera Redhead

Because the image is so threatening, and so severe, if the style isn’t “fixed” by today, Gonzalez will have to take in an in-school suspension.

This is worse than out-of-school suspension, where he could at least go home and watch Spurs games with Bonner sitting on the bench on DVR.

According to Aubrey Chancellor of the Judson I.S.D. District, officials say the haircut is a distraction and it doesn’t matter who it’s a tribute to.

“Whether it’s the Spurs or whether it’s the Cowboys, anything people obviously support, it doesn’t matter,” she said in a statement Wednesday.

No word if Bonner will shave an image of Gonzalez into his hair in solidarity.