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That alleged Tyson Beckford sex tape is apparently real.

And nothing that great, according to the “star” himself.

The previously unreleased (and now leaked) Tyson Beckford sex tape featuring himself (with himself) is definitely not a masterpiece, he says.

Mischa Barton at a Fashion Show
(Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows)

Someone is shopping footage of the 41-year-old face of Polo Ralph Lauren pleasuring himself during n Internet video chat with a female model.

Tyson went on Twitter yesterday to address the issue with fans, and he basically came clean about it … saying he’s “sad but life goes on.”

“Don’t even faze me,” he said, unapologetically. “We all do it, just mine got caught on film.” He also admitted, “Not much of a sex tape lol.”

Beckford also got love from Tyrese Gibson, which is funny because on the sex chat, Tyson says his pet peeve is being mistaken for him.

“What folks don’t know is Tyson opened the door for me to model,” Tyrese Tweeted. Let’s hope he didn’t also open a door to amateur sex tapes.