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The infamous Tanning Mom says she’s willing to flaunt her (literally) HOT body for Playboy … IF the opportunity arose. NOTE: She’s practicing poses already.

Patricia Krentcil would happily accept an invitation to bare it all for Hef, but fortunately, the magazine is not interested in seeing Tanning Mom nude.

Nor is anyone else … save for the guy who fathered the little girl she was recently arrested for taking into a tanning booth and burning. Anyway.

Patricia Krentcil Tanning Arrest

A source says “It wouldn’t even be considered” at Playboy, despite TM angling to cash in on her 15 minutes, because she’s just not Playboy material.

Playboy even went on record, saying, “It would definitely never happen.”

Fortunately, if you love Tanning Mom, she says she’s been approached by several people interested in featuring her on a reality show. Why, who the heck knows.

Also fortunately, if you like women who fake tan less and haven’t been charged with felony child endangerment, Jaclyn Swedberg is Playboy’s Playmate of the Year.