Rachel Uchitel Gives Birth!

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Rachel Uchitel and her vagina are back in the news, but for reasons other than her publicized affair with Tiger Woods.

The well-known mistress gave birth last night to a little girl, her husband's Facebook page confirms, at Matt Hahn has announced his daughter is named Wyatt Lilly and she weighs in at seven pounds, one ounce.

Matt Hahn Photo

Uchitel took full advantage of her pregnant state over the course of her third trimester, posing in in a sheet and without a shirt on for photographer Nancy Alcott.

She and Hahn got hitched in October, about two years after her name surfaced as the mistress that initially got Woods into trouble with his wife and led to that golfer's precipitous downfall on a personal and professional scale.

But, hey, we wish the new family the best of luck!

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