Mary Richardson Kennedy Committed Suicide, Report Says

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy, was "depressed and despondent" before committing suicide this week, according to a new report.

Police found Mary Kennedy dead at her Mount Kisco, N.Y., home Wednesday.

Radar Online is reporting that the 52-year-old hanged herself in a barn, though officials have not commented publicly on Mary Kennedy's cause of death.

A longtime friend, who spoke to Mary Monday, said they were sadly not surprised, as she faced mounting financial woes at the end of her marriage.

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"I spoke to Mary on Monday and she sounded extremely down," the source said. "She was depressed and despondent and worried about the future."

"Mary said she was facing financial ruin, with American Express coming after her hard for an outstanding debt, along with several other creditors."

"In addition, she was concerned that Robert was about to substantially reduce the amount of financial support he gave her and she'd lose her home."

Mary was married to the son of Robert F. Kennedy for 16 years, before he filed for divorce in May 2010. The couple had four children together.

While estranged from RFK Jr., Mary lived at the family home in Mount Kisco, while Robert spent the majority of his time in Los Angeles, Calif.

"Robert still supported Mary and was there for her whenever he could be, but he had pretty much moved on," a source said of the couple.

"He has been dating Cheryl Hines for a while now and they are very happy."

The source says Mary Kennedy was struggling to come to terms with the end of their marriage, despite Robert having filed for divorce two years ago.

"It was very tough for Mary to deal with Robert dating someone else," the source says. "And it really didn't help that the new woman is a celebrity."

"She would see photos of the two of them together and it would drive her nuts. I think, deep down, she had still harbored a belief they would get back together but it had recently become blindingly clear that wasn't to be."

"Mary was in a very dark place recently. Robert tried to help her all he could but it was difficult for him to be around her. Robert is committed to his sobriety but Mary had chosen a whole different path to take."

"When I heard the news that she may have taken her own life I was devastated, but not that surprised. It was in the back of my mind that she may do something like this, and that was compounded by the conversation I had with her.

"However she died though, this is an absolute tragedy. Mary was an amazing and beautiful person and she absolutely adored her children."

"It is a devastating loss to all that knew her."

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