Dancing With the Stars Top Three: Who Will Win?

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All three remaining celebrities are worthy, but there can be only one winner of Dancing with the Stars Season 14, which comes to an end next week.

Katherine Jenkins, William Levy and Donald Driver might well be the least-known trio of finalists in DWTS history - at least heading into the season.

That said, they've made names for themselves over the past few months, and each has been as likable as they are talented out on the parquet.

Who will prevail? Let's size up the last men (and woman) standing:

William Levy and Donald Driver

William Levy

The Cuban Brad Pitt, also described by co-star Jaleel White as a one man Bachelorette party, is the blueprint of who/what does well on DWTS.

He's sexy. He's smooth. He uses his physical attributes well and he's earned the spot in the finale with solid, if unspectacular, dance moves.

William also seems like a humble guy with a great back story that people flock to. No one would be surprised if he hoists the Mirror Ball.

Odds of winning: 2:1.

Donald Driver

Aside from the fact that he's incredibly ripped, you'd never guess Driver were an NFL player. He's courteous, affable, smart and a good family man!

Donald hasn't been on top much this season, but he's been one of the most consistent dancers in the field. He hasn't had one bad night, really.

He's got some name recognition as a Super Bowl champion, is extremely likable, loves every second of the show and is our dark horse pick to win it.

Odds of winning: 3:2.

Katherine Jenkins Picture

Katherine Jenkins

Pretty, cheerful and remarkably nice - seems like a pattern this season - the Welsh opera singer doesn't feel like a celebrity, which is to her advantage.

Female voters might actually support Katherine as an underdog, and it doesn't hurt that she's been one of the best dancers to watch all season.

Her performances are as beautiful as she is, and while she may have a bit of an uphill battle coming into the finale, she's by no means out of it.

Odds of winning: 5:1.

What do you think? Can Katherine upset one of these studs? Does Donald have the edge over William? Will it all come down to voter turnout?

Tell us (and vote for) who you think will win below!

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