House of Octomom to Be Sold at Auction?

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Amid her escalating financial problems, the La Habra, Calif., home of "Octomom" Nadya Suleman is scheduled to go up for auction Monday, according to reports.

Suleman and her kids could face eviction if the house is sold.

This, obviously, would compound her problems after recent allegations she had been neglecting her 14 children while spending hundreds on Brazilian blowouts.

The vile living conditions at Octomom's house led to a visit last week from police officials and social workers, but her kids haven't been taken away ... yet.

Octomom Nadya Suleman Pic

The complaint said the children appeared to be malnourished and unclean, and Suleman locked them in their rooms while she attended to personal matters.

The social workers spent about two hours there, and somewhat surprisingly determined the Octo-children were not in danger and should not be removed.

Nadya, who had six kids before she welcomed octuplets, has already been on the cusp of foreclosure numerous times in recent years, and just went on welfare.

It's unclear whether she'll be evicted after today's auction, or if Steve Hirsch will buy it in an effort to coerce Octo into doing some film work for Vivid.

We're kidding about that last part ... mostly.



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