Bully Re-Edited, Re-Released as PG-13 Movie

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The producers of Bully and the Motion Picture Association of America agreed on a unique compromise to re-release the controversial documentary film as PG-13.

The Weinstein Co., in response to its initial R ratingby the MPAA, made the unusual move of releasing the film in limited release without a rating at all.

That gave each individual theater owner the decision whether to show the film or not, and potentially limited the scope of its release - all on principle.

Bully's producers appealed the R rating and lost earlier this year in a move that could've derailed its effort to highlight the epidemic of adolescent bullying.

The new version of the film deletes some obscenities, but in an interesting move, keeps a controversial scene on a bus in which the ‘F-bomb’ is lobbed.

Three times at a bullied child, in fact. This is a major exception to MPAA rules; the group typically imposes an R rating on any film with more than two.